From after Labor Day to mid-May, after worship, we offer Sunday School for youth at 11:00 a.m. in the conference room at the A-frame Chapel and in the Women's Center conference room, which is a short walk across campus from Benton.

To register for Sunday School or EYC, please email Christy Beesley at


Journey to Adulthood

What is Journey to Adulthood? Well, first of all – the program structure is different. This year we offer the first two sections of the Journey to Adulthood program: Rite 13 and J2A. Each section of the program lasts for two years and that two-year grouping of teens will stay together until they graduate from high school. This stability of group dynamics helps create safe, sacred space where the group members can learn to trust themselves and each other as they grow in faith. Journey to Adulthood is based on the principles of relational youth ministry. This engages many more adults in building relationships with youth and providing positive role models for them. The Journey to Adulthood is a complete youth ministry program of spiritual formation. It encourages relational ministry and uses Bible study, prayer, rites of passage, outreach ministries and both serious and playful activities to underscore the two guiding principles of the program:
     1) Manhood and womanhood are free gifts from God
     2) Adulthood must be earned.

J2A (for 9th - 12th graders)

The second segment is J2A, an acronym for JOURNEY TO ADULTHOOD. It is a little confusing since the name of this segment has the same name as the entire program, but the reason for this is that the bulk of the work gets done in these two years, building on the foundation of the Rite 13 experience. During these years, teens learn and practice six basic skills of adulthood: active listening, negotiation, assertion, research & information management, partnership and leadership. The end of the second year of J2A is marked by the group designing and going on a Holy Pilgrimage.

When: Sunday mornings during the Christian Ed hour

Where: Student Lounge at the A-Frame

Leaders: Allen Karns, Chris Meyers, Kat Milam, Sally Rausch, Christy Beesley


Rite 13 (for 6th - 8th graders)

The first two years of the program is called RITE 13, a name that comes from a liturgical rite of passage we celebrate with young people around their 13th birthday. This rite is loosely based on the Jewish bar/bat mitzvah tradition and is a way for the entire congregation to celebrate the unique gifts and abilities of its young teens. The two years of Rite 13 focus on recognizing the gifts God has given us, celebrating our creative potential, and learning to interact as a community of faith while exploring Biblical stories of God and God's people.

When: Sunday mornings during the Christian Ed hour

Where: Conference room at A-frame Chapel

Leaders: Emma Bellamy, Hayley & Tyler Brantley, Will Campbell, Louisa Glenn, Madison Langley, Christy Beesley


EYC (Episcopal Youth Community) 

for Rite 13 & J2A which gathers about once/twice a month in addition to Sunday mornings

 Rite 13



Upcoming EYC events for 2016 - 2017:

This calendar may change, so please check the weekly e-newsletter & website for updates and possibly additional offerings.

10th – Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk
11th – Rite 13 & J2A begin!
18th – Kayaking Adventure

9/30 – October 2– Parish Retreat at DuBose Conference Center
26th – Trunk or Treat for St. Luke’s Community House

TBA – The Homestretch viewing & discussion for Rite 13
27th – Serving for Room In The Inn

2nd – 3rd – Nightwatch - Diocesan overnight event at Christ Church Cathedral
for 7th – 12th graders
TBA – Christmas outreach opportunity
28th – Jan 1st – Winterfest Youth Retreat at DuBose for 9th – 12th graders


Click here to see a road map for Children's & Youth Education for the next several years.

Email Christy Beesley at for more information.


St. Augustine's Ministry, Staff, Volunteers, and Advisory Board members all undergo "Safeguarding God's Children" training.  Click here to open a document summarizing the safeguarding guidelines at St. Augustine's Chapel.