Ecuador Pilgrimage


St. Augustine’s took our first Alternative Spring Break trip to Ecuador in 1998 and opened a school named Escuela Anne Stevens in the town of San Eduardo in 1999. Since then, we have financed the operations of the school through sponsorships and have continued to make an annual trip every spring to help with capital improvement projects and operation of a medical clinic. In 2013, we founded Sibimbe, a women's sewing cooperative whose hand-sewn pouches are purchased by Thistle Farms.  A new building to house the cooperative and to provide new learning spaces for the school was completed in early March 2014 before this year's team from St. Augustine's arrived.


Ecuador Wish List 2015 - Toothbrushes, Reading Glasses, etc.

Each year, we have relied on donations to supply some of our needs on the pilgrimage to Ecuador, and we have reached that stage of our preparation for the journey on March 1. We are accepting donations of: toothbrushes, reading glasses (especially 2.25, 3.00, and 3.5), safety glasses and sunglasses (adult and children’s).

For the wellness clinic, we need infant & toddler supplies (gently used OK for some items): sippy cups, bulb aspirators, toddler spoons and forks, bottles, bottle brush cleaners, baby tooth and gum cleanser, diaper rash cream, saline drops (e.g., Little Noses).

 Questions? Contact Don Welch.


"History of Escuela Anne Stevens"

The following movie was made in 2007 and does a good job of telling the story of the school's inception.


Sponsor a child at Escuela Anne Stevens 

Resolve to sponsor a child at Escuela Anne Stevens for the 2014-2015 school year! Your $35/month donation ($420/year) goes to pay the salary, retirement contribution, and health care benefits for the six full time teachers at Escuela Anne Stevens in San Eduardo, Ecuador. In addition, it helps purchase supplies for the school. The annual budget for Escuela Anne Stevens is approximately $32,000 which means we need 85-90 sponsors to meet our commitment for 2014-15. If you would like to sponsor one or more children, please send an email to Don Welch. Checks are payable to "CCJ-Ecuador" with "sponsorship" written in the For: line. You may also set up automatic payments through your bank, which is incredibly convenient. Thanks for your support.


Images from the 2011 Trip (by Allen Karns)