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SIMPLY STEWARDS - a letter from Becca and information on how to give

October 2016

Dear St. Augustine's Community,

Our Baptismal vow is called a covenant. The promise between God and Noah’s people is called a covenant. Paul wrote in his Epistles of the covenant we make in Christ’s name to one another. Artists, Musician, and Poets describe the notion of covenant in rainbows, ties that bind, and circles that hold community like wedding bands. The gifts of love, life, and community are realized through our commitment to each other. Therefore, Covenant is our stewardship theme this year that reflects one of the most treasured gifts we discover together. We promise to one another to help each other live out our faith and to fulfill
our longing to belong. We will explore this idea in small groups, in worship, and in our education focus. The stewardship season at St. Augustine’s is always a season to share our time, talent, and treasures in gratitude for all that we have been given. I'm grateful for this community that loves each other and strives to love the world.

Our common bond is our mission focus, simple worship, and lavish hopes for love. I am so grateful we get to spend our days in ministries that support each other in living out our promise to love God in all people and recognize the dignity of every human being (baptismal covenant, BCP p. 303). Covenants remind us that we are tied to one another through the love of God and we will help one another through thick and thin and never leave anyone behind. We stand together weekly at the altar, we weep at one another’s gravesides, and hold up each other’s babies and swear we will help them grow into their full statures. This makes us family and it makes us a living witness to the beautiful power of love when we join forces in that spiritual mystery called covenant. Our hope in making covenant our theme is to celebrate the gift of community, foster awareness among us, and to renew our desire to love one another more fully as community. 

I believe it was the hope of covenant that drew me to the tiny A-frame so long ago and the beautiful gift of community that has kept me there for decades. Without that commitment, we would have never started Thistle Farms or gone on that first trip to Ecuador. We are not inspired to go to church every Sunday morning, but for me, seeing that beautiful loving community inspires me every time I go. It is a great oasis in the vast land of churches. Seeing how we love each other in big and small ways draws me to the table and to the people around the table. Over and over the advisory board reports that people come to the chapel, not for the preaching or the music, but because, “there is an open and loving feeling” when you come into worship. It is the community that calls us all again and again. From the wandering cynic to the hopeful pilgrim, we find each other, and cling to a community that longs for love like a deer for a water brook.

Thank God we are together. Simply together.

Peace and Love,

(The Rev. Becca Stevens)     


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