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“Our theme for the 2018 stewardship campaign, DO LOVE WALK, is at the heart of what forms this community. We have never used our treasures to invest in vestments or stained glass. We have used our time, talents, and treasures to help one another live out our faith in our lives." - The Rev. Becca Stevens

St. Augustine’s Chapel needs your support. While we greatly appreciate every donation, it is your pledge, a commitment to a monthly, weekly or annual gift, which allows the board to make the financial decisions necessary to run the day to day operations of the chapel.

The annual stewardship campaign happens every fall. You can click here to make an online pledge anytime.   You can also download and fill out a pledge card and place it in the offering on Sunday or mail it to:  St. Augustine’s Chapel, Attn: Peggy McMurray, Box 6330B, Nashville, TN 37235

The majority of our budget for 2017 (approximately 75%) pays our clergy, staff, and musical leadership.  While we are grateful for the many people who volunteer, we could not operate without the staff who devote so much of their lives to St. Augustine’s.


Monies donated to Thistle Farms/Magdalene, CCJ, Escuela Anne Stevens, Holy Cross Hospice and Larkspur don’t show up in the Chapel budget because these are separate legal entities with their own financials.   We are certainly a mission centered church and we appreciate your gifts to these organizations. Instead of having ten percent of our budget given to “outreach,” we have founded these separate organizations which together are able to raise more than 10 times the chapel budget.