Ramblers Music

Check here weekly for a sampling of songs from the Sunday service at Benton Chapel.

Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost, October 15, 2017

Love Can Be Enough (Laura Donohue)

Gotta Serve Somebody (Michael Kelsh)

Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost, October 8, 2017

I Surrender All (Dave Ragland and Chris Roberts)

Dear Landlord (Michael Kelsh)

Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost, October 1, 2017

Homeward Bound (Ramblers)

Home (Tom Anglin)

Let Us Break Bread Together (Ramblers)

Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost, September 24, 2017

We Are One (The Harden Family)

Landslide (Anya Harden)

One (Tommie Harden & Lori Taylor Harden)

Hello Stranger (Michael Kelsh & Alisa McCance-Bieck)

Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost, September 17, 2017

Life is Good (Dave Ragland)

How Bad We Need Each Other (Rachel Beauregard and Dean Berner)

Both Sides Now (Rachel Beauregard and Dean Berner)

Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost, September 10, 2017

Stand Up! (Ramblers)

The Hole in My Heart (Steven McMorran)

Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost, September 3, 2017

Lean On Me (Chris Roberts)

I've Been Out Walking (Michael Kelsh)

Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost, August, 27, 2017

Love Heals (Doris Walker)

Out of Kindness (Ramblers)

Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost, August 20, 2017

Here Comes the Sun (Ramblers)

Saturn's Rings (Marcus Hummon)

Tenth Sunday After Pentecost, Proper 14A, August 13, 2017

Freedom (Marcus Hummon)

Love Can (Tommy Harden and Lorrie Taylor Harden)

God Believes in You (Ian Cron)

Feast of the Transfiguration, August 6, 2017

Into the Mystic (Ramblers)

Wildflowers (Chris Roberts)

Eighth Sunday After Pentecost, Proper 12A, July 30, 2017

(What’s So Funny ’Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding (The Ramblers)

I'm Gonna Find Home (Susan Compton)

Seventh Sunday After Pentecost, Proper 11A, July 23, 2017

God Bless This Child (Jennifer Whitcomb-Oliva)

Rosanna (Marcus Hummon)

You Can Close Your Eyes (Tom Angland)

Sixth Sunday After Pentecost, Proper 10A, July 16, 2017

It is Love (Chris Roberts)

That's How I Learned to Pray (Charlie Worsham)

Fifth Sunday After Pentecost, Proper 9A, July 9, 2017

Church Bells (Elizabeth Eckert)

Your Love is My Rest (Ramblers)

Fourth Sunday After Pentecost, Proper 8A, July 2, 2017

It is Well with My Soul (George Rowe)

I Know Where I've Been (Victoria Moore)

Try A Little Kindness (Ramblers)

Third Sunday After Pentecost, Proper 7A, June 25, 2017

All We Need Is Hope (Macy)

It Was Another Lifetime (Ramblers)

Second Sunday After Pentecost, Proper 6A, June 18, 2017

Cat's in the Cradle (Chris Roberts)

Amor y Paz (Michael Kelsh)

How Great Your Love Is (Steven McMorran)


Trinity Sunday, June 11, 2017

Man in the Mirror (Chris Roberts)

What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love (Ramblers)

Flawless Light (Laura Donohue)

Take My Hand (Michael Kelsh)


Pentecost, June 4, 2017

I've Been Buked (Victoria Sanders)

Move On Up A Little Higher (Victoria Sanders)

I'll Fly Away (Ramblers)

Seventh Sunday of Easter, May 28, 2017

Love Will Find Us (Laura Donohue)

The Selfishness in Man (Michael Kelsh)

Fifth Sunday of Easter, May 14, 2017

Momma, a Rainbow (Tim Fudge)

Calling My Children Home (Michael Kelsh)

Till I Return (Steven McMorran)

Headed Home (Marcus Hummon)

Fourth Sunday After Easter, May 7, 2017

All Your Favorite Bands (Chris Roberts)

Show Me (Dave Ragland)

Third Sunday After Easter, April 30, 2017

Jerusalem (Michael Kelsh)

From this Valley (Abigail Lavin and Phil Madeira)

Second Sunday After Easter, April 23, 2017

What Do I Know? (Chris Roberts)

This Crazy World (Kim Hill & Paulette Wooten)

Easter Sunday April 16, 2017

Here Comes the Sun (Michael Kelsh)

The Old Rugged Cross (Ramblers)

I Can't Stop This Feeling (Ramblers)

Palm Sunday April 9, 2017

The Passion Cantata, by Marcus Hummon

I Come to Jerusalem

In Remembrance of Me

Outliving the Child

Hosanna Hosanna

Sunday April 2, 2017

The Summons (Ramblers)

At Least We Live Tonight (Steven McMorran)

Seasons of Love (Chris Roberts)

Sunday March 26, 2017

Praise the Lord (I Saw the Light) (Ramblers)

How Fragile We Are (Ramblers)

Sunday March 19, 2017

Deeper Well (Ramblers)

I Need a River (Marcus Hummon)

Sunday March 12, 2017

Broken (George Rowe)

Falling Slowly (Chris Roberts & Laura Donohue)

Lean on Me (George Rowe)

Sunday March 5, 2017

Song to Bernadette (Emily West)

For What Its Worth

There's a Light in the Dark

Sunday February 26, 2017 | Year A

Carry Me Home (Steven McMorran)

The Things We've Handed Down (Chris Roberts)

Come Thou Fount (Ramblers)

Sunday February 19, 2017

That's the Way God Planned It (Ramblers)

Sunday February 12, 2017

I Love You Forever and Ever (Ramblers) 

Sunday February 5, 2017

Knocking on Heaven's Door (Ramblers)

Let Us Break Bread Together (Dave Ragland) 

Sunday January 30, 2017

Make You Feel My Love (Steven McMorran)

Get Together (Ramblers)

Stand Up (Chris Roberts)

Blessed Are (Ramblers)

Sunday January 22, 2017

If You Love Me (Really Love Me) (Ramblers)

They Won't Go When I Go (Chris Roberts)

MLK Weekend, Sunday January 15, 2017

A Tribute to the Rev, Dr. MLK, Jr. (Ramblers)

I Went Up to the Mountain (Laura Donohue & Lindsay Lawler)

I Will Sing a New Song (Ramblers)

How Can I Keep from Singing? (Susan Compton)

Baptism of Our Lord Sunday January 8, 2017

Baptism (Dave Ragland)

Wade in the Water (Ramblers)

The Old Church Piano (Chris Roberts & Marcus Hummon)

Holy Name Sunday January 1, 2017

The Old Rugged Cross (Michael Kelsh)

Wildflowers (Laura Donohue)

I Believe (The Bittersweets)


A River (Marcus Hummon)

Advent 4: Sermon and The Children's Play

A Christmas Offering (Marcus Hummon)

Huron Carol (Michael Kelsh)

Advent 3: Lessons & Carols December 11, 2016

In the Bleak Midwinter  (St. A's Choir)

Good News (Alisa McCance Bieck)

O come, O come Emmanuel (Steven McMoran)

Christmas in the Trenches (Michael Kelsh)

My Troubles (Susan Compton)

Christmastime is Here (Will Barrow)

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (St. A's Quartet)

Lo, how a Rose e're Bloom (Chris & Hannah Meyers)

So, this is Christmas (Chris Roberts)

Hark, the Herald Angels Sing (St. A's Choir)

Advent 2: December 4, 2016

Breath Deep (Ramblers)

True Colors (Chris Roberts)

Advent 1: November 27, 2016

Imagine (Scott Revey)

Weep with the Willow (Michael Kelsh)

November 20, 2016

Here's to You (Susan Compton)

We Gather Together (Ramblers)

November 13, 2016

Jerusalem (Michael Kelsh)

Made in America (Steven McMorran)

November 6, 2016

Songs of Freedom (The Bittersweets)

People Get Ready (Chris Roberts)

October 30, 2016

Tomorrow's Child (Marcus Hummon)

Fix Me, Jesus (Inversion Choir)

Amazing Grace (Chris Roberts)

I am a Soldier (Inversion Choir)

October 23, 2016

Mercy Now (Chris Roberts)

Long Way Home (Susan Compton)

October 16, 2016

Blowin' in the Wind (Ramblers)

I Dreamed I saw St. Augustine (Ramblers)

October 9, 2016

Worry Not (The Bittersweets)

If I Should Fall Behind (The Ramblers)

October 2, 2016 

If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out (Chris Roberts)

What a Wonderful World (Susan Compton)

Love One Another (Chris Roberts)

September 25, 2016

Redemption Song (Chris Roberts)

A Satisfied Mind (Ramblers)

Oh, Rock My Soul (Ramblers)

September 18, 2016

The Rainbow Connection (Chris Roberts)

Hole in my Heart (Steven McMorran)

September 11, 2016

A Song of Love is a Sacred Thing (Marcus Hummon)

Come on Up! (Ramblers)

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Scott Revey)

Memories (Levi Hummon)

More Love (Chris Roberts)

September 4, 2016

What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love (Chris Roberts)

You've Got a Friend (Laura Donohue)

Way Over Yonder (Laura Donohue)

August 28, 2016

Nowhere Man (Ramblers)

Hard Times Come Again No More (Susan Compton)

August 14, 2016

A Life That's Good (Luisa Lopez)

Fire & Rain (Joy Owings & Bill Tennyson)

August 7, 2016

One Love (Bittersweets)

That's the Way God Planned It (Ramblers)

July 31, 2016

Love & Mercy (Ramblers)

All That Keeps Me Alive (Steve McMorran)

July 24, 2016 - Proper 15

Get Together (Ramblers)

Lord's Prayer

July 17, 2016 - Proper 14

American Tune (Beth Nielsen Chapman)

For the Beauty of the Earth (Beth Nielsen Chapman)

Stand by Me (Beth Nielsen Chapman)

July 10, 2016 - Proper 13

More Like Love (Chris Roberts)

Old Rugged Cross (Luisa Lopez)

July 3, 2016 - Proper 12

The Long and Winding Road (Ramblers)

June 19, 2016 - Proper 10

The Carpenter's Hammer (Marcus Hummon)

Take a Load Off Annie (Ramblers)

June 12, 2016 - Proper 9

I Shall Believe (Luisa Lopez and Terry Maroney)

Like a Bird Set Free (Girls Up Loud)

Close to You (Girls Up Loud)

Down This Boulevard (Girls Up Loud)

June 5, 2016 - Proper 8

Mother & Child Reunion (Ramblers)

One of These Days (Chris Roberts)

Let Us Break Bread Together (Ramblers)

May 29, 2016 - Proper 7 

Change (Ramblers)

Halfway Home (Bittersweets)

People Get Ready (Bittersweets)

Pentecost - Proper 6

The Summons (Michael Kelsh)

Medley (Ashley Cleveland)

Seventh Sunday of Easter - Proper 5

One (Chris Roberts)

Sweet Baby James (Steven McMorran)

Sixth Sunday of Easter - Proper 4

You Know Who Your Friends Are (Michael Kelsh)

The Cross (Chris Roberts)

Scars and Battles (Jack Sundrud)

Fifth Sunday of Easter - Proper 3

Purple Rain (Laura Donohue)

Long Way Home (Susan Compton)

Nothing Compares (Laura Donohue)

Fourth Sunday of Easter - Proper 2

Turn! Turn! Turn! (Ramblers)

I Love You Forever (Ramblers)

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Ramblers)

Third Sunday of Easter 

Times are Changing (Chris Roberts)

Now (Marcus Hummon)

My Heart Was Meant for You (Luisa Lopez)

Second Sunday of Easter 

If I Needed You (Ramblers)

By the Marks (Ramblers)

Easter Sunday

I've Just Seen Jesus (Russ Taff & Lari White)

Wildflowers of Easter (Michael Kelsh)

Wildflowers (Levi Hummon)

Amen (Chris Roberts)

Wildflowers (Heartbreakers) (Chris Roberts)

Oh Happy Day (The Bittersweets)

A Little Revival (Radney Foster)


Palm Sunday 

I Come to Jerusalem (M. Hummon, C. Roberts, Belmont Choir)

All Glory Laude and Honor (C.Roberts)

Hosanna Hosanna (M.Kelsh)

In Remembrance of Me (M. Hummon, C. Roberts, Belmont Choir)

I Shall Be Released (M. Kelsh)

Were You There? (H.P. Myers)

Fifth Sunday in Lent 

Cheer Up My Brother (Ramblers)

Fourth Sunday in Lent

Gravity (Chris Roberts)

I'll Fly Away (Alisa McCance Bieck)

Hard Times Come Again No More (Susan Compton)

Third Sunday in Lent

Forever Young (Ramblers)

Ubi Caritas, tr: "Where charity and love are, there God is" (Ramblers)

Second Sunday in Lent 

Second Story Window (Ramblers)

Above Me (Susan Compton)

What the World Needs Now (Tim Fudge) 

First Sunday in Lent 

Get Together (Ramblers)

Gotta Serve Somebody (Ramblers)

Stay By You (Ramblers and Friends)

Down on Copperline (Chris Roberts)

Fifth Sunday in Epiphany 

People Get Ready (The Ramblers)

The Battle Hymn of the Republic (The Ramblers)

Fourth Sunday in Epiphany 

Peace Love & Understanding (Ramblers)

Revolution (Marcus Hummon)

All Will Be Well (Bittersweets)

Third Sunday in Epiphany

Joyful Joyful (Ramblers)

Hallelujah (Chris Roberts)

Amen (Ramblers)

First Sunday in Epiphany 

I'll Fly Away (Susan Compton)

Wildflowers (Chris Roberts)

Man In the Mirror (Chris Roberts)

Second Sunday After Christmas 

Let It Be (Chris Roberts & Susan Compton)

Into the Light (The Bittersweets)

Long & Winding Road (Ramblers)

First Sunday After Christmas 

Heaven Sent (Ramblers)

Long Way Home (Susan Compton)

Advent 4 

Talkin bout a Revolution (Luisa Lopez)

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Susan Compton & Chris Roberts)

Go Tell It On the Mountain (Chris Roberts)

Beautiful Star of Bethlehem (Michael Kelsh)

Advent 3 

What Child Is This? (Marcus Hummon)

Let All Mortal Flesh (Tim Fudge)

Christmas In the Trenches (Michael Kelsh)

Advent 2 

Crying In the Wilderness (Ramblers)

Only Love (Marcus Hummon)

How Great Thou Art (Chris Roberts)

What The World Needs Now (Tim Fudge)

Advent 1 - November 29

PS I Love You (Ramblers)

What A Wonderful World - Stand Up! (Michael Kelsh and Chris Roberts)

Christ the King Sunday - November 22

Strangest Dream (Ramblers)

Stray Light Run (Steven McMorran)

Sunday's After Pentecost - November 15

Imagine (Chris Roberts)

Heavenly Day (Laura Donohue)

Morning Has Come (Ramblers)

Sunday's After Pentecost - November 8

I Want to be Ready (Ramblers)

Bulit this Prison (Bittersweets)

All Saint's Sunday - November 1

Rise Up! (Ramblers)

Hallelujah (Chris Roberts)

Sundays After Pentecost - October 27

Well of Mercy (Ramblers)

What Makes a Star Shine (Chris Roberts)

Hard Times Come Again No More (Ramblers)

Sundays After Pentecost - October 18

Serve Somebody (Ramblers)

Sundays After Pentecost - October 4

I Am A Child In These Hills (Ramblers)

I Love You (Luisa Lopez)

Sundays After Pentecost - September 20

Teach Your Children (Ramblers)

Hallelujah (VU Choir)

The Long and Winding Road (Ramblers)

Sundays After Pentecost - September 13

It's Me (Inversion)

Bless the Broken Road (Marcus Hummon)

We Fall Down (Inversion)

Just A Closer Walk (Ramblers)

Worthy (Inversion)

Sundays After Pentecost - September 6

Mercy Now (Michael Kelsh)

Make You Feel My Love (Susan Compton)

Sundays After Pentecost - August 30

I Was Born by The River (Chris Roberts)

Morning Has Broken (Susan Compton)

Only Love (Scott Revey)

Stand Up (Ramblers)

Sundays After Pentecost - August 23

One More Day (Michael Kelsh and the Ramblers)

What the World Needs Now is Love (Will Barrow)

The Needle and The Damage Done (Marcus Hummon)

Sundays After Pentecost - August 16

One Bread One Body (Ramblers)

Running Against the Rain (Susan Compton)

Angel from Montgomery (Michael Kelsh)

Sundays After Pentecost  - August 9

Bridge Over Troubled Water (Ramblers)

I Can't Help Falling In Love With You (Ramblers)

10th Sunday After Pentecost - August 2

The Summons (Michael Kelsh)

People Get Ready (Scott Revey)

I Am the Bread of Life (Susan Compton, Alisa McCance Beck, Laura Donohue)

Sundays After Pentecost - July 26

Show Me A Sign (Michael Kelsh)

All My Tears (The Bittersweets)

Shake It Off (The Bittersweets)

Sundays After Pentecost - July 19

Leap of Faith (Ramblers)

Shine (Girls Up Loud)

Sundays After Pentecost - July 12

Gotta Serve Somebody (Ramblers)

Time After Time (Chris Roberts)

Sundays After Pentecost - July 5

My Beautiful Reward (the Ramblers)

Somebody to Love (Susan Compton and the Ramblers)

Sundays After Pentecost - June 21

Give Me Jesus (Alisa McCance-Bieck and the Ramblers)

Glide on the Wind (The Turpin Family)

There is a Balm (Ramblers)

5th Sunday After Pentecost - June 14

Faith As Small As A Mustard Seed (Ramblers)

Horizon (Matthew Perryman Jones)

Sundays After Pentecost - June 7

Love and Mercy (Ramblers)

Starry Starry Night (Chris Roberts)

Sand and Water (Beth Nielsen Chapman)

Trinity Sunday - May 31

All Good Gifts (Chris Roberts, Susan Compton, Alisa McCance Bieck)

Each Day I'll Do a Golden Deed (John Cowan and the Ramblers)

Change the World (Chris Roberts and the Ramblers)i

Easter 7 - May 17

You Belong to Me (Luisa Lopez, Terry Maroney)

His Eye is On the Sparrow (Lindsay Lawler and Will Barrow) 

Easter 6 - May 10

Love Me Like A Rock (Ramblers)

Freedom (Marcus Hummon)

Easter 5 - May 3

El Condor Pasor (Ramblers)

Hand in Hand I Walk with Jesus (Bill Tennyson)

Easter Week 4 - April 26

Get Together (Ramblers)

He's Got the Whole World In His Hands (Mike Eldred)

Stand Up (Ramblers)

Easter Week 3 - April 19

If You Want to Sing Out (Chris Roberts and the Ramblers)

I Am Free of That Today (Danny Flowers)

Easter Sunday - April 5

For the Beauty of the Earth (St. Augustine's Choir)

A Little Revival (Radney Foster)

A New Jerusalem (Marcus Hummon)

Lent 5 - March 28 - Palm Sunday

Be Thou My Vision (Ramblers)

Hosanna Hosanna (Ramblers)

Bless The Broken Road (Marcus Hummon)

Lent 4 - March 22

Your Long Journey (The Ramblers)

Farther Along (John Cowan)

Lent 4 - March 15

Be Thou My Vision (The Ramblers)

PS I Love You (The Ramblers)

Lent 3 - March 8

I Don't Know About Tomorrow (Alisa McCance Beck and the Ramblers)

We All Fall Down (Abigail Lavin)

Lent 2 - March 1

Here Comes the Sun (Scott Revey)

The Long and Winding Road (Chris Roberts and the Ramblers)

All My Tears (Steve McMoran)

Lent 1 - February 22

Wondering Where the Lions Are (Daniel Tashian)

American Tune (Elizabeth Eckert)

Precious Lord (Tim Fudge)

Epiphany 6 - February 15

Safe and Sound (Radney Foster)

Live Forever (The Ramblers)

My Mortal Home (Scott Revey and The Ramblers)

Epiphany 5 - February 8

Every Hour (The Bittersweets)

Life Is A Church (Marcus Hummon)

Epiphany 4 - February 1

Born to Fly (Marcus Hummon)

High and Dry (Scott Revey)

There is a Ship (Susan Compton)

Epiphany 3 - January 26

If I Should Fall Behind (Michael Kelsh and the Ramblers)

Redemption Song (Ramblers)

Be Thou My Vision (Ramblers)

There's a Wideness in God's Love (Ramblers)

Epiphany 2 - January 18

Abraham, Michael, and John (Ramblers)

Make Them Hear You (Mike Eldred)

Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Mike Eldred, Susan Compton, Laura Donohue)

A Change Is Gonna Come (Louisa Lopez)

Epiphany - January 11

Starry Starry Night (the Ramblers)

Trapeze (Hannah Blaylock)

Come Thou Font (the Ramblers)

This Train (the Ramblers)

I Want to be Ready (the Ramblers)

Christmas 2 - January 4

Let's Make a Baby a King (The Ramblers)

You're Coming Home to Me (Hannah Prater-Meyers and The Ramblers)

Christmas 1 - December 28

I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day (Alisa McCance Bieck, Chris Bieck, Laura Donohue)

Go Tell It On The Mountain (S. Compton, L. Donohue, A. McCance Bieck, Will Barrow)

Advent 4 - December 21

Wexford Carol (Chris Roberts and The Ramblers)

The Little Drummer Boy (Radney Foster and The Ramblers)

Do You Hear What I Hear? (Chris Roberts and The Ramblers)

Go Tell It On The Mountain (The Ramblers)

Advent 2 - December 7

The Rising (Ramblers)

Redemption Song (Scott Revey)

Advent 1 - November 30

Let It Be (Ramblers)

Selfishness In Man (Ramblers)

His Eye Is On The Sparrow (Lindsay Lawler)

Sweet Hour of Prayer (Mike Eldred)

Christ the King Sunday - November 24

Have You Ever Seen the Rain (Ramblers)

Blackbird Sing (Scott Revey)

The House that Built Me (Lindsay Lawler and the Ramblers)

Sundays After Pentecost - November 16

There Were Roses (The Ramblers)

Lovely Day (Scott Revey)

Sundays After Pentecost - November 9

The Rainbow Connection (Ramblers)

Nighttime Sky (Alisa McCance-Bieck, Laura Donohue)

In My Life (I Love You More) (Scott Revey)

All Saints Reprise - November 1

Shall We Gather at the River? (Ramblers)

Stand Up (Chris Roberts)

Make You Feel My Love (Chris Roberts)

All Saints' Sunday and Baptism Sunday - October 26

What the World Needs Now Is Love (Tim Fudge & The Ramblers)

A Little Revival (Radney Foster & The Ramblers)

Bright Morning Stars (Luisa Lopez & Terry Maroney)

Sundays After Pentecost - October 19

Give Thanks and Praises (The Ramblers)

Give Me Jesus (Greg Bieck and Alisa McCance Bieck)

Sundays After Pentecost - October 12

Dreams & Bones (The Ramblers)

Deeper Well & Will The Circle Be Unbroken? (Bittersweets, Ramblers, S.Compton, S.Revey, L.Donohue, M. Hummon)

Morning Has Broken (Mike Eldred)

Sundays After Pentecost - October 5

Dear Landlord (Ramblers)

Blessed (The Bittersweets and the Ramblers)

Sundays After Pentecost - September 21

The Times They Are A Changing (Ramblers)

He Gives Us All His Love (Ramblers)

Sundays After Pentecost - September 14

Forgiveness (Ramblers)

How Far is Heaven? (Scott Revey)

Sundays After Pentecost - September 7

Get Together (Ramblers)

Bring Him Home (Mike Eldred & Greg Bieck)

Sundays After Pentecost - August 31

Lonesome Valley (Ramblers)

I'll Be There (F. McWilliams, L. Donohue, C. Donohue, T. Fudge, S. Compton, G. Bieck)

Time After Time (F. McWilliams, L. Donohue, G. Bieck)

Sundays After Pentecost - August 24

There Are Places I Remember (The Ramblers)

If It's Magic (Will Barrow)

Bless the Broken Road (Susan Compton and Chris Roberts)

Sundays After Pentecost - August 17

I'm Doing Fine, How About You? (John Cowan)

Stained Glass Love (Marcus Hummon)

Sundays After Pentecost - August 10

The Sound of Silence (Chris Roberts and Michael Kelsh)

The Trash Pickers (Marcus Hummon)

Sundays After Pentecost - August 3

Come On Thou Traveller Unknown (Michael Kelsh)

Help! (Chris Roberts)

Jacob's Ladder (Tim Fudge, Susan Compton, Laura Donohue)

Sundays After Pentecost - July 27

By the Mark (Ramblers)

Lead Me On (Ramblers)

When the Roll is Called Up Yonder (M. Kelsh, L. Donohue, S. Compton)

Sundays After Pentecost - July 20

You'll Reap Whatsoever You Sow (Ramblers)

Sundays After Pentecost - July 13

Garden Song (Ramblers)

Only Love (Marcus Hummon and Friends Emma, Angelique, & Dominique)

Sundays After Pentecost - July 6

Mercy Mercy Me (Ramblers)

Have a Little Faith In Me (Scott Revey, Susan Compton, Alisa McCance Bieck)

Blowin' In the Wind (Ramblers)

Sundays After Pentecost - June 29

Hello Stranger (Ramblers)

Tools Weren't Working Anyway (Luisa Lopez)

Stand By Me (Scott Revey)

Sundays After Pentecost - June 22

True Colors - UpLoud Girls

Well of Mercy - Rambers

Trinity Sunday - June 15

Father of Night (The Ramblers)

The Living Years (Chris Roberts)

Pentecost - June 1

This Train (Ramblers)

By Way of Sorrow (The Bittersweets)

Easter Week 6 - May 25

My Beautiful Reward (The Ramblers)

Vincent (Starry Starry Night) (Chris Roberts)

Easter Week 5 - May 18 - River Baptism

Easter Week 4 - May 11

Loves Me Like a Rock (Ramblers)

World Enough In Time (Danny Flowers)

Easter Week 3 - May 4

On the Rock Where Moses Stood (The Ramblers)

Then Sings My Soul (The Hummons)

Easter Week 2 - April 27

Get Together (Michael Kelsh and the Ramblers)

I'll Fly Away (Susan Compton and the Ramblers)

The Rainbow Connection (Chris Roberts and the Ramblers)

Easter Sunday - April 20

Here Comes the Sun (The Ramblers)

O Happy Day Medley (St. Augustine's Choir)

Fix You (The Bittersweets)

Happy (The Bittersweets)

Lent 6 - Palm Sunday April 13

I Come to Jerusalem (Marcus Hummon, Chris Roberts, Michelle Nicolo Prentice, and Dean Entsminger and the the Belmont Chamber Singers)

In Remembrance of Me (Marcus Hummon, Chris Roberts, Michelle Nicolo Prentice, and Dean Entsminger and the the Belmont Chamber Singers)

The Kiss (Marcus Hummon, Chris Roberts, Michelle Nicolo Prentice, and Dean Entsminger and the the Belmont Chamber Singers)

Wherever I Am (Marcus Hummon, Chris Roberts, Michelle Nicolo Prentice, and Dean Entsminger and the the Belmont Chamber Singers)

Outliving the Child (Marcus Hummon, Chris Roberts, Michelle Nicolo Prentice, and Dean Entsminger and the the Belmont Chamber Singers)

Lent 5 - April 6

Farther Along (Ramblers and Michael Kelsh)

Wake Up Brother (Scott Revey)

Thank You (Matt Faulkner)

Lent 4- March 30

How About You? (Chris Roberts, Susan Compton and the Ramblers)

Amazing Grace (Mike Eldred, Chris Roberts, Susan Compton, Greg & Alisa McCance Bieck)

Only Love (Marcus Hummon, Chris Roberts)

Lent 3- March 23

Deeper Well (Hannah Prater Meyers, Chris Meyers, Susan Compton, Scott Revey, Tim Fudge, Chris Roberts, Luisa Lopez)

Well of Mercy (Alisa McCance Bieck, Greg Bieck, Ramblers)

Lent 2- March 16

Susannah (Michael Kelsh, S Compton, A Bieck)

Shower the People You Love (Silvia & Ramblers)

You're All I Want (Charmaine Host)

Things We Handed Down (C Roberts)

Lent 1- March 9

O Mercy Mercy Me (C Roberts, C Donohue, S Compton, S Revey, W Barrow)

Hard Times Come Again No More (C Roberts, C Donohue, S Compton, S Revey, W Barrow)

By the Rivers of Babylon (Scott Revey)

Love is the Right Place (Marcus Hummon)

Epiphany 7 - February 23

If I Should Fall Behind - Ramblers

Walk A Mile in My Shoes - Radney Foster

Epiphany 6 - February 16

The Promised Land - Ramblers

You've Got a Friend - Mike Eldred & Ramblers

The Coast - Chris Roberts

My Sweet Lord - Michael Kelsh & Ramblers

Someone to Love - Marcus Hummon

Epiphany 5 - February 9

Let It Be - Ramblers

All Creatures of Our God and King - Chris Roberts

Amen: This Little Light of Mine - Allen Karns

Epiphany 4 - February 2

Turn Turn Turn - Michael Kelsh, Chris Roberts, Scott Revey, Susan Compton, Marcus Hummon, Tim Fudge

Unconditional - Matt Giraud, Jessica Campbell, and Marcus Hummon

Epiphany 3 - January 26

Be Thou My Vision - Mark Evitt, Michael Kelsh and the Ramblers

A Little Redemption - Danni Nicholls, Mark Evitt, the Donahue's, and friends

Epiphany 2 - January 19

A Change Is Gonna Come - Luisa Lopez

Abraham, Martin, and John - Michael Kelsh and friends

Up to the Mountain - Lindsay Lawler

Make You Feel My Love - Laura Donahue

Epiphany 1 - January 12

Heavenly Day (Chris Meyers, Hannah Meyers (The Bittersweets) and The Ramblers)

Secret of Life (Will Barrow)

Runnin Against the Rain (Hahnah Blaylock and Chris Roberts)

By Way of Sorrow (Chris Meyers, Hannah Meyers (The Bittersweets)

Epiphany - January 5

Heaven is a Place on Earth (C. Revey, S. Revey, M. Kelsh, A. McCance Bieck, G. Bieck) 

What Child is This? (A. McCance Bieck, G. Bieck, C. Roberts)

One Bread One Body (C. Roberts)