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Naming Our Allegiances to the One Who Loves. Sermon begins at 14:20. Special guests include the Belmont University Chamber Singers and the Randolph Macon College and Chamber Choirs.

Rev. Gideon Byamugisha, an Anglican priest from the diocese of Uganda, shares a word about grounded hope. Sermon begins at 17:00.

Just Passing Through

We are Just Passing Through. For the sake of love, Jesus gave up every thing and claimed nothing for himself. We too are passing through here. We are tenants. And in the end all we can claim is gratitude for what we have been given to use. We are not the land owner! Sermon begins at 12:00.

Sharing without Hesitation

Paying attention to our grumbles and that they be instead for those in bondage and without a voice. Sermon begins at 15:45.


Anywhere you think you cannot love or forgive--thats where the plow wants to begin. Dig Deep into that soil and remember the 77 times you have been forgiven. Sermon begins at 12:10.

You Can Forget How to Ride a Bike

Helping One Another Gets Us All Where We Need to Go. Sermon begins at 9:20.

Confessing a Critiqued Tradition

University Chaplain Mark Forrester preaches today. Sermon begins at 9:40; Mark shares about "Making Ways for Others and Ourselves to Find New Life."

Bringing About the Reign of God

What does it mean to take our place in the long line of people who bring about the reign of God? How do we become so transformed by love that we cannot go back to a former way of living? Sermon begins at 12:51.


Becca's beautiful message on begging and its place in our life. We also celebrate Becca's 20th year at St. Augustine's Chapel. Sermon begins at 12:40.

Listening for God in the Silence. Sermon begins at 12:19

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