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We Are the Child

Remember that we are the Child, full of wonder and marvel with a suspended fear and cynicism. Sermon begins at 8:56.


Due to some technical difficulties, there is no podcast from this past Sunday...however...we do have Lissa' sermon for your reading! Peace.


Who is this Proverbial Woman? Sermon begins at 12:27.

Let Jesus Lead the Path

Letting Jesus lead. Sermon begins at 15:50

Mercy Now

Mercy Now. Sermon begins at 14:13.

Draw God Near

Bringing God Near to Us. Sermon begins at 14:00.

Love is a Commitment

Sermon begins at 11:45.

This Bread is Enough

This bread is enough for all of us. We are the priesthood of all believers. Sermon begins at 12:40.

Can't Help But Fall In Love

Can't Help But Fall In Love. Sermon begins at 12:21.

Becoming Willing Disciples

Becoming Willing Disciples: What Are We Being Called To? Sermon begins at 15:27.

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