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Can You See It?

Visions rise in cloudy skies where fear or terror want to impede our ability to see new life and hope and prevent us from seeing love. Love gets the last word. Look again. Sermon begins at 12:23.

God Still Makes All Things New

God Still Makes All Things New. Sermon begins at 14:27.

What is Our Love for God?

Vanderbilt Campus Chaplain, The Rev. Mark Forrester joins us today. Sermon begins at 8:48.

Live to Be Unbound

We live when those places in our lives are unbound The Saints call us to rise up, and move into love for each other and ourselves. Sermon begins at 15:45.

Get Out of the Shadow for Mercy

If we are seeking mercy, we cannot stay in the shadows and be passed by. Sermon begins at 12:40.

Leading On Faith

Leading from Faith: Leadership Can Cost Us and we Do It Together. Sermon begins at 16:04. Special guests this week include the Belmont Chamber Singers. If you are new to St. Augustine's or are listening to us from outside of Nashville, would you let us know? Email: Grace and Peace.

Due to technical difficulties, we do not have a proper podcast; however, please follow the link to our YouTube page for last Sunday's service which begins at 30:00. Grace and Peace.

We Are the Child

Remember that we are the Child, full of wonder and marvel with a suspended fear and cynicism. Sermon begins at 8:56.


Due to some technical difficulties, there is no podcast from this past Sunday...however...we do have Lissa' sermon for your reading! Peace.


Who is this Proverbial Woman? Sermon begins at 12:27.

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