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Finding Posture

Finding our way, a posture in healing. Sermon begins at 15:10.

Faith Hall of Fame

A Great Cloud of Witnesses. Sermon begins at 15:50.

To the New Jerusalem

Making our way to the new Jerusalem. Service begins at 14:25.

Love & Mercy

We give in love and we give in mercy because these are the attributes of our loving God. Sermon begins at 15:33.

Ours is a Mission of Love

Ours is a Mission of Love. We begin where we are on the road to Jerusalem. Sermon begins at 17:05.

Don't Miss the Feet

Don't miss a chance to be at the feet. Sermon begins at 12:55.

With All Your Heart

Living with all your heart. Sermon begins at 21:20.

The walk, the prayer and the mission? Keep it simple. Sermon begins at 13:47.

Hospitality as a Way of Love

Loving others is a journey of hospitality. Sermon begins at 14:55.

Sermon begins at 15:47

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