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Come and See

Rev. David Shivers's presentation of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's speech, "I Have A Dream," begins at 9:00. Scott's sermon, "Come and See: An Invitation to Go and See Life" begins at 21:40.

The Culmination of Light

The Culmination of Light. Sermon begins at 12:15.

Holding Nothing Back

Holding Nothing Back! Being led by the stars and going into the new year in a new way. Sermon begins at 14:15

Let Light Shine

Let Light Shine: Giving Grace and Walking into It Ourselves. Sermon begins at 12:00.

Christmas Eve Sermon

Treasure love in your heart.

Being a Face of Love

Becoming Faces of Love: Elizabeth as preacher of solidarity. Sermon begins at 12:57. Children's Pageant begins at 46:50.

Please God, Let It Snow

Lessons & Carols service was not recorded due to a technical glitch. However, let us take you back in time to January 16, 2006 to listen to Becca's FIRST ever podcast: Please God, Let It Snow.

Religious But Not Spiritual

Religious But Not Spiritual? This mantra keeps us accountable for our faithfulness without always being inspired. Hungry people don't care if you're inspired or not to feed them. We often have to dig deeper than a feeling. Sermon begins at 13:35.

An Army of Love Does Not Lose

An Army of Love Does Not Lose. Remain Hopeful, Jesus is Near. Sermon begins at 16:45.

The Reign of God Breaking Into Our Lives

The Reign of God Breaking into Our Lives: Continuing the Work that Needs to be Done Around Us. Sermon begins at 12:40.

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