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Love's Lockdown

Sermon begins at 18:05.

Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia

Sermon begins at 12:10.

The Passion Cantata 2017

Love Rises

Lazarus is a story about love rising. Sermon begins at 17:55.

Love Sees

Love Sees. Sermon begins at 13:53.

Water Gives Way to Freedom

Water gives way to freedom: there is nothing more spiritual than thirst. Sermon begins at 13:44.

Inheritance of Love

An inheritance of love so that we might share it with the world. Sermon begins at 13:45.

Dancing in the Mind's Eye

Sermon begins at 15:12.

On Belonging

The physics of the universe are such that we have to give to receive. Sermon begins at 14:15.

Loving Your Enemies

The Ethics of the Politics of Love. Sermon begins at 15:43.

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