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Remember Who You Are

Sermon begins at 15:29.

You Don't Own Any of It

You Don’t Own Any of It: All you get to do is be part of a movement that started long before you got here and it’ll go on long after you are gone. Sermon begins at 12:46.

The Radical Generosity of God

Trust in the Radical Generosity of God. Sermon begins at 17:20.

Radical Hospitality

No One Gets More than Another. Sermon begins at 14:14.

Through the Clouds of Unknowing

Seeing through the unknown clouds. Sermon begins at 15:45.

The Center of God is Everywhere

Attributed to St. Augustine is the idea that God's center is everywhere, but God's circumference is no where. Sermon begins at 12:55.


Reconnecting Deeply to the Broken Matter in the World. Our obligation is to substance, and our obligation is to intentional community. Sermon begins at 16:15.

Preparation and Surprise

The recipe of insight is preparation and surprise. Sermon begins at 10:10.

Light Into Darkness

The moon will do a dosey-do with the sun and it's a full course feast of celebration for our minds and our bodies. Sermon begins at 13:55.

God Believes in You

God believe in you. Sermon begins at 16:00.

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