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Draw God Near

Bringing God Near to Us. Sermon begins at 14:00.

Love is a Commitment

Love is a Commitment. Sermon begins at 10:00.

This Bread is Enough

This bread is enough for all of us. We are the priesthood of all believers. Sermon begins at 12:40.

Can't Help But Fall In Love

Can't Help But Fall In Love. Sermon begins at 12:21.

Becoming Willing Disciples

Becoming Willing Disciples: What Are We Being Called To? Sermon begins at 15:27.

Sign of Love

Sign of Love. Sermon begins at 10:40.

What Does 5,000 Look Like?

Sermon begins at 11:25.

Tell Em' What You've Seen

Tell Em’ What You’ve Seen: sermon begins at 15:25

How Does God Welcome You?

How Does God Welcome You? Sermon Begins at: 12:19. The Rev. Seth Olson serves as curate at St. John’s Church in Decatur, Alabama. He joins us today as visiting preacher and Celebrant.

When Seas Are Stormy

Sermon begins at 13:20.

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