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Ours is a Mission of Love

Ours is a Mission of Love. We begin where we are on the road to Jerusalem. Sermon begins at 17:05.

Don't Miss the Feet

Don't miss a chance to be at the feet. Sermon begins at 12:55.

With All Your Heart

Living with all your heart. Sermon begins at 21:20.

The walk, the prayer and the mission? Keep it simple. Sermon begins at 13:47.

Hospitality as a Way of Love

Loving others is a journey of hospitality. Sermon begins at 14:55.

Sermon begins at 15:47

Magdalene's Love

Whatever she was going through, in all the gospels she understood grace, forgiveness, and love at such an intricate level, she remained the most consistent in all the gospels. She was the first to proclaim that Love lives. Sermon begins at 16:40.

To Die is Another Day

Sermon begins at 16:22.

A New Song

"Speak the word and I will know healing in my life." That's the call. Sermon begins at 19:00.

Holy Tears Holy Baptism

Holy Tears Holy Baptism: Grief, pain and new life. Sermon begins at 7:50.

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