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Easter Sunday

Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia

Sermon begins at 12:10.

I Lay Me Down

When we follow in the footsteps of Magdalene, through the garden, we can dance among the wildflowers as we glimpse the stone rolled and feel that all those who have died live on in love and the memory of God. All we grieve rises, like the wildflowers in spring. Sermon begins at 15:43.

I'll Fly Away

Sermon begins at 15:08.

Hope Rises with the Sun! Sermon begins at 12:30.

Hope Rises with the Sun. Here is a preview of Easter Sunday festivities at St. Augustine's. Stay tuned for great music and other festivities to be posted on Sunday.

The Light of Easter

Happy Easter! Join us for a beautiful service of incredible music, light and hope. Becca's sermon begins at 17:08.

The Spices of Life

"Nothing can carry us to the crucifixion and resurrection faster than the fragrance of frankincense. While some of the story gets lost through time, and translation, the truth of the spices and oils never waivers." Sermon starts at 9:01.

A Resurrection Dance

Easter Sunday