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Sundays in Easter

Growth and Transformation Take Time

Sermon begins at 17:40.

Ode to Mother

When our passion is lived out as our worship. Sermon begins at 14:15.

Fellowship is the Catalyst

Sermon begins at 14:10 Apostolic fellowship changes us. When we go out into the world to heal it and to proclaim this fellowship that is simple and deep, we will die for it. That is all of it.

The Road to Emmaus

Sermon begins at 18:13.

Love's Lockdown

Sermon begins at 18:05.

Go Wish

When we make our deepest wishes known, we can ever so slowly let go of our fears, attachments, and anger and fall into God and each other. Sermon begins at 16:39.

Acts of Faith

We can question our faith, but it is a gift to act upon it. Sermon begins at 11:45.

Love is a Long Walk

Love is a long walk. Sermon begins at 11:31.

What Are You Gonna Say?

As we live our faith, we remember the Holy Trinity: Truth, Freedom & Simplicity. What will you live out? Sermon begins at 11:50.

Letting Your Heart be Warmed

The rich interior life calls us to pay attention. It burns within and when we allow forgiveness and all the other gifts given to us to break through and let down our guard, we remember we are walking with love. Sermon begins at 15:30