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The Rev. Becca Stevens

Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia

Sermon begins at 12:10.

Love Rises

Lazarus is a story about love rising. Sermon begins at 17:55.

Water Gives Way to Freedom

Water gives way to freedom: there is nothing more spiritual than thirst. Sermon begins at 13:44.

Living Into Love

Sermon begins at 10:28.

Do. Love. Walk.

Sermon begins at 11:45.

See it, and Let it Shine

Sermon begins at 13:20.

11:59: To experience Emmanuel, (God is with us) happens in unexpected ways. Don’t always expect it, but believe it. Children's Play begins at 50:40.

It Begins and Continues with Gratitude

Sermon begins at 13:00.

Whatever is keeping you in the tree, Jesus is saying, "Come down," because he wants to be with you. Sermon begins at 13:55.

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