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The Rev. Becca Stevens

People don’t have to be nice to you. Kindness is akin to asking us to lay down our lives for each other. Next time you’re thirsty, remember the kindness in someone giving you a cup of water; so when you see someone thirsty, maybe you can offer it back. Sermon begins at 10:30.

If you know on this journey that your willing to surrender your whole heart, the rest will work out. Sermon begins at 16:50.

Speak Your Dream

Speak your dream because so often we are prayed into action. Sermon begins at 17:33.

Ode to Mother

When our passion is lived out as our worship. Sermon begins at 14:15.

Fellowship is the Catalyst

Sermon begins at 14:10 Apostolic fellowship changes us. When we go out into the world to heal it and to proclaim this fellowship that is simple and deep, we will die for it. That is all of it.

Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia

Sermon begins at 12:10.

Love Rises

Lazarus is a story about love rising. Sermon begins at 17:55.

Water Gives Way to Freedom

Water gives way to freedom: there is nothing more spiritual than thirst. Sermon begins at 13:44.

Living Into Love

Sermon begins at 10:28.

Do. Love. Walk.

Sermon begins at 11:45.

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