Stewardship F.A.Q.

I love Home Grown---tomatoes, puppies, and community.  The community of St Augustine's is a homegrown vision of talents, treasures, and time sown with love in the rich soil of justice.” -  Becca Stevens


Q. What is the Purpose of the Pledge? Can’t I just make regular Donations?

A: The key to the Chapel running smoothly throughout the year is a well-planned foundation. While your regular donations and weekly cash offerings sustain the budget, your Pledge helps create that plan. Immediately following the Stewardship campaign period, the Finance Committee will establish a Budget plan for the next year. The summation of all the Pledge Cards is the main communication the financial planning committee uses to predict the donations for 2020. Consider your Pledge card a very important part of the planning cycle.  You help the Chapel in its overall health and well being through both participating in financial planning by giving and pledging.

Q. What time period does the Pledge period represent?

A: The Stewardship campaign happens in the fall of the year prior to the active Pledge year. We are kicking off our 2020 Stewardship campaign in the month of October. The 2020 Pledge is your anticipated giving for next calendar year. St. Augustine’s fiscal year coincides with the calendar year.

Q. Where does all the money from my personal donation and the weekly offering go?

A: The majority of our current budget for 2019 (approximately 75%) pays our clergy, staff, and musical leadership.  While we are grateful for the many people who volunteer, we could not operate without the staff who devote so much of their lives to St. Augustine’s. The pie chart below shows you our budget.  89% of our income is from your offerings and pledges. We receive around 11% of our total income from the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee directly in support of Canterbury CIRCLE (Vanderbilt Student group).

Screen Shot 2019-09-28 at 2.40.44 PM.png

Q. Does my donation to St Augustine’s support other entities like Thistle Farms or CCJ?

No. Your donations to St. Augustine’s remain at St Augustine’s. Non-profit organizations deeply tied to St. Augustine’s like Thistle Farms + Magdalene House, the Center for Contemplative Justice, Escuela Anne Stevens, Holy Cross Hospice and Larkspur are separate 501-c3 non-profit organizations. The money you donate to these organizations is not reflected in the Chapel financials because these are separate legal entities with their own financials. Instead of having ten percent of Chapel budget given to “outreach,” St. Augustine’s has helped to successfully kick off and grow these separate organizations. Collectively, these groups are able to raise more than ten times the chapel budget.

Q. What’s the easiest way to make my 2020 Pledge?

Just go online and get’er done! You will just need to fill out your First + Last Name, Pledge Amount for giving in 2020 and most importantly your email. Find the Online Pledge Card one of these ways: 1) Follow link/button from Stewardship Email that you may have received on Oct 1st, 2) Follow the link/button from inside the Weekly Newsletter, or 3) Go to link/button for Pledge Now at the bottom of the page. You can also request a paper pledge card and place it in the offering on Sunday or mail it to:  St. Augustine’s Chapel, Attn: Peggy McMurray, Box 6330B, Nashville, TN 37235. To receive a paper pledge card, please contact the Chapel at : 615-322-4783.

Q. What if I am married? Does my spouse or PARTNER need to also fill out an Online Pledge Card?

No - only one member of the household needs to complete the Online Pledge Card. Over the course of the last 18 months, the Chapel has transitioned to a new software called Kindful. This move has improved efficiency and increased cost savings. The Staff has diligently worked to connect all members (spouses, partners and children) within each family into the software. When a member of the family makes a Pledge online, you are finished. However in some instances, spouses may want to Pledge and give separately. In this case, each person should complete their individual Online Pledge.

Q. What if I can’t or don’t want to make my Pledge Online? What do I do?

You can still make your pledge using a paper Pledge Card. The Pledge Card will be available at every service at Benton and at the A-Frame during October and can be returned in the donation basket.  You can also stop by the A-Frame Chapel on the Vanderbilt campus to pick up or drop off a pledge card during October. Or you can email the same information your First + Last Name, your Pledge Amount to giving@staugustineschapel.org.

Q. What else can I do to help with Stewardship?

First, thank you for your support and consideration in planning and giving. Our community always amazes us with participation. Pledging early will help tremendously. Secondly, you can take one final step. Following your Pledge submission, you have an option to create an account in Kindful if you have not already logged into the system at some other time. Once you are logged in, you can take an extra step by setting up a recurring donation now to occur monthly that will match your Pledge amount. By using the Kindful system, you are once again helping with Chapel efficiency. Donations made through Kindful are readily available and take overall less processing time. This is strictly an optional step. In the last year - online recurring donations have increased from 8% to 20%. It would phenomenal to see this number double to close to 40% this year. Thank you again for your generous support and kindness.

Pledging to support St Augustine’s in any way possible is deeply appreciated. Thank you for your kindness and consideration.

Q. Who do I contact if i have questions about kindful or stewardship?

For questions on the Kindful system, pledging or donations, please email: giving@staugustineschapel.org. For questions on Stewardship 2020, please contact Anna Teeples or Will Campbell.