8:00AM SERVICES located at St. Augustine's A-Frame Chapel, 200 24th Ave South

RECOVERY EUCHARIST- First, Third, and Fifth Sundays of the month 

Recovery Eucharist is not a 12-step meeting. Rather it is a worship service that welcomes anyone of any faith tradition to come and see if participating in this kind of gathering will actually enhance their own experience of God. All persons, in any type of recovery and at any phase of their journey, are welcomed to come to this safe space and worship service that nurtures and strengthens their relationships to a Higher Power through fuller participation in the sacraments and fellowship. This service is unique because, instead of a sermon, individuals at their own discretion reflect and share on how the Gospel and the 12 Step Reading intersect with their own lives. For more information, please email Mary Murphy at who serves as administrator of the service.


Thomas Merton once said, "let there always be quiet, dark churches in which people can take refuge." This is the aim of the Contemplative Eucharist; that is, to provide a sacred space to rest in God. This service, which meets on the second and fourth Sunday of each month from 8.00-9.00AM, provides many different opportunities to experience Divine Love through silence, qi gong, music, guided mediation, preaching, and of course the Eucharist. At the conclusion of the service, there is a "round-table" discussion for those who would like to dialogue with others about the Gospel reading and service. For more information, please email Scott Owings at

9:30AM SERVICE located at Benton Chapel, 411 21st Ave South

Holy Eucharist

St. Augustine's main weekly service is the 9:30AM Eucharist.  We gather at Benton Chapel for prayers, preaching, traditional and innovated music, and a call to "Go in Peace to Love and Serve...".  Childcare (1 year olds- 3year olds), Children's Church (3 year olds-9 year olds), and Children's Choir (1st grade- 6th grade) are available.


6:15PM SERVICE located at St. Augustine's A-Frame, 200 24th Ave South 

The Wednesday evening service offers a peaceful space for midweek reflection and spiritual renewal during the school year. This 45 minute service typically includes music, prayer, story, meditation, and the Eucharist. We gather in the A-Frame Chapel for a simple supper served at 5:45PM, followed by the Eucharist service which begins at 6:15PM. Children are welcome and childcare will be provided. 

EPIPHANY SERIES: Join us as we gather for a new Wednesday evening series on Epiphany. We will have St. A’s authors read a passage from their books, and describe what led them to write the passage.


9 - Jennifer Clinger will speak on her gripping new memoir, Delivered.  
16 - CJ Casciotta - Get Weird: Discover the Surprising Secret to Making a Difference
23 - David Hampton - After the Miracle: Illusions Along the Path to Restoration 
30 - Heather Helton - Undeniable Presence

6 - Bonnie Smith Whitehouse - Afoot and Lighthearted: A Journal for Mindful Walking (Diary)
13 - "The Greatest Show & Auction Ever" - no service
20 - Ed Tarkington - Only Love Can Break Your Heart
27 - Rebecca Wells - New book currently writing